Zehnder lives Design Zehnder Design radiators design living space. Designed by renowned international designers, they stand for a modern and self-conscious savoir-vivre. They blend perfectly into the current lifestyles like the country house ambience, minimalistic purism, classic style or colorful modern trends. From the basement to the roof: Whether bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms or guest washrooms, we always have the suitable design radiator. Be choosy: Zehnder design radiators are available in more than 700 colors and surfaces. Moreover, we can always make special shapes for you: whether angled, curved or slanted. At Zehnder, the subject of design is firmly anchored in the company philosophy. As a pioneer in the sector, in 1980, we heralded the birth of the bathroom radiator with the Zehnder Universal. At the beginning of the 90's Zehnder Arcus followed, the first radiator that was defined as a design object. A couple of years later, the Zehnder Yucca heralded another era: for the first time, towels could be hung even from the side without any problems.


Stainless Steel Heated Towel Rails At JIS we are proud of our company. We are the original stainless steel towel rail company. We decided to produce our rails from stainless steel because it was the environmental and durable choice. This was some 20 years ago, long before they were the bywords and marketing spin of the day. We source our rails ethically, always have and always will. Our customers and staff are the most important factor in our business, we endeavour to always offer the best customer service, be it on the phone, our 25 year guarantee or the variety and practicability of our rails. We are known throughout the industry for these standards. We only ever strive to be better and better at our job. As I said, we are proud of our company, we believe you will be proud of our product.