Last updated: 17th June 2020 

Sawston Branch Appointment Only

In order to ensure social distancing, we will be operating appointment only visits for the month of June, and, retain a maximum customer ratio of 1 Sales Designer to 1 Customer or Couple. This will usually mean a maximum of 6 people in the showroom at any one time. Unfortunately, for a limited period, we will not be allowing children into the shop, primarily for their own safety. All appropriate PPE guidelines will be adopted by our staff, together with gloves and sanitiser being available to customers at the entrance and at other key points around the store.

Social Distancing and Protective Measures

Please do not enter the store if you or a member of your family have contracted, or have symptoms of COVID-19 within the last 14 days.

Sanitizer is available at the front of the showroom and at every active desk

Customers must sanitize hands before entering the showroom.

Floor arrows are in place, to clearly show a route around the showroom. Please follow this route for your own protection, as there will be a maximum of 3 customers using the showroom at any one time.

Gloves are available and are to be worn by staff & customers within the tile area as this is a ‘hot spot’. Gloves to be removed and disposed of at exit end of the tile area.

Our Sales Designers will visibly sanitize hands in front of the customer when meeting them to demonstrate best practice

Sales Designers will shadow the customer around the store, and place a label for cleaning/clean any surfaces that the customer, or they themselves touch. Use Anti Bac spray or wipes depending on suitability.

It would be appreciated if customers would refrain from touching the products unless absolutely necessary

There will be a glass screen sited at every active desk for when Customers & Designers are seated to discuss designs/quotes etc

When using the credit card machine, we will wipe the terminal with Anti Bac wipes, both before and after the process as this is another hotspot.