Coronavirus COVID-19

Dear Customer,

As the concerns around Coronavirus COVID-19 are intensifying we want to assure our customers that Cambridgeshire Bathrooms have taken, and are taking, specific measures to prioritise the safety and well being of our Staff & Customers.


  • The first stage will be the temporary closure of our Fenstanton showroom from. (17-03-20)

Our plan is to reopen on the 1st May, however, we will update as necessary.

We have made this change to increase staffing efficiency, and our firm commitment to ensure that we can deliver the maximum level of hygiene at our Sawston showroom where we will continue to welcome new and existing Sawston and Fenstanton customers.

All visitors will be required to go through the ‘washing hands process’ prior to meeting up and having discussions with our Design team.

We have a supply of liquid soaps and have recently installed automatic hand dryers in order to minimise risk to both our staff and customers.

Our frequency of cleaning will also be increased, as well as introducing new hygiene-based products such as automatic soap dispensers which are expected to be fitted this week.


  • All of our staff have been briefed as to the need to ‘Self isolate’ should they present any risk to spreading the virus within the business.


  • As both our Site Visits and Deliveries involve customer home visits, these personnel are being equipped with the necessary prevention measures to again protect against the spreading of the virus.

This will include gloves and sanitizers.


We will of course continue to work with our Health & Safety advisors to deliver the latest government guidelines and requirements.


Should you have any questions then please feel welcome to contact Customer Service on Extensions 755 and 203.