Baths & Whirlpools

At Cambridgeshire Bathrooms we take pride in offering the most reputable brands at the best prices.

Whether you are looking for a fitted bath, shower bath or Freestanding bath we cater for every need. We also display the best of Acrylic and Steel baths, as well as different materials like Quarrycast which is found on the popular Victoria and Albert Range. If you are looking for a non standard size, don’t be afraid to ask, as there are many options available.

Baths or Bath Tubs will always be the essential element in your bathroom, these days they come in so many shapes, sizes, styles and materials giving you lots of choice.

Choose from a rectangular bath, a space-saving corner bath, or even a free-standing model. Baths are made from many different kinds of materials including acrylic, steel, cast iron, wood or stone. Styles range from really modern to minimalist, a rustic look or traditional. It's all down to your own personal taste and preference. Types of baths include Panelled, Free Standing, Sunken, Spa or Whirlpool and we offer them all.

You also need to consider a bath without pre-positioned tapholes, this will allow you to choose the location of your taps, examples include wall-mounted taps or taps mounted on a surrounding plinth adding a touch of luxury. More of us these days are creating our own spa experience at home by installing a whirlpool or spa bath.

Why not try our 3D design and planning service. Either you can bring in your plans or room measurements or we can arrange a site survey. We can then produce a 3 dimensional image of your new bathroom showing all the options.

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